Copado Robotic Testing
Qentinel Pace is now Copado Robotic Testing

It's a new day at Qentinel Pace.

Qentinel has joined Copado — the #1 native DevOps platform for Salesforce and SaaS clouds — and rebranded our test automation solution to Copado Robotic Testing. Joining Copado’s powerful product family and global DevOps ecosystem will only strengthen our platform and improve our customer service capabilities.

But we want to make one thing clear — your use of Qentinel Pace robotic software testing will continue just the way it was before. We simply have a new name and eventually a new login URL: (which will redirect to).

19 years ago, we founded Qentinel to accelerate development through the power of automation. Today, as we transition to a new season in our company’s history, our vision remains the same — to turn software testing from your #1 bottleneck into your #1 competitive advantage.

Thank you for all your support. It means everything.

Happy testing,
— Team Qentinel at Copado

P.S. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on Copado Robotic Testing! Check out our website or reach out to your Account Executive if you have any questions.

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